Syrian National Army: A new hope or a failed one?

We heard many times about forming and training a Free “Syrian National Army” once we hear it from USA, Saudi Arabia and Turkey with different figures starting from 6,000 to 60,000 fighters, but there is no sign of this making especially to build, train and equip an army will take many months to finish.

On 2nd February 2014, The Defence Minister of the Syrian Interim Government, Maj. Gen Salim Idris, has announced preparations for the formation of “National Army” consisting of 60,000 fighters including all military revolutionary forces operating inside Syria which will operate according to international regulations and laws, with each fighter receiving a salary, daily food and drink, family compensation. If a fighter gets injured, the army will be responsible for their health condition.


Image: Major General Salim Idris /

I have many reasons that this project will fail:

1 – There is no External support for the Syrian moderate rebels since the fall of Jamal Maarouf’s group SFR last year in Idlib by Nusra Front, the so called friends of Syria like USA, Saudi Arabia and Turkey will have to think 10x times before supporting any armed rebel group in Syria at the moment especially supporting them with money, food and effective weapons.

2 – Can the Syrian Interim Government really convince the rebel armed groups to join this new formed army? The answer is NO! Because General Salim Idris had many disagreements with many FSA and other Islamist rebel groups in the past especially when they blamed him for not supporting the rebels which led to the fall of Qusayr and Safira.

3 – Where will the new formed army be based? Every Army have a military base to continue its military campaign, the north of Syria has almost not moderate rebels left apart from small FSA groups in Idlib and Aleepo, the North of Syria is under Islamist and Jihadist control like Nusra Front, Islamic Front and Levant Front, South of Syria is the only place left for moderate rebels.

4 – Will this army fight Syrian government forces or ISIS? It’s most likely to be fighting ISIS which is important as well since they control a large geographic area and many cities but fighting Assad must be the priority in order to win this war and secure the first goals of the Syrian revolution otherwise this war will take a long time to end.


General Idris: Announces National Army Of 60,000 Fighters Forming (English) – []

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