Peshmerga Rojava

Peshmerga Rojava or Syrian Peshmerga is a military force that was created in 2014 and it is the military wing of Kurdistan Democratic Party of Syria [PDK-S] which is one of the most prominent Syrian Kurdish parties, it is also part of the National Coalition for Syrian Revolutionary and Opposition Forces.


Syrian Peshmerga logo / Facebook

Peshmerga Rojava forces are led by Captain Dlovan Rubari and it consists of Kurdish fighters that defected from the Syrian Arab Army in 2012 and young Kurdish volunteers from Northern Syria. Syrian Peshmerga has undergone training under the supervision of the regular army academics from the Military Academy in Iraqi Kurdistan and mastered the use of light and medium weapons including being trained in all forms of fighting.


Captain Dlovan Rubari / Al Jazeera

Syrian Peshmerga has participated in battle against Islamic State [IS] alongside Iraqi Peshmerga and other Kurdish militia in Sinjar, dam of Mosul and Zumar which is located in the plains of Ninawa. Kurdistan Regional Government [KRG] has trained 3,000 fighters from the Syrian Peshmerga, 300 fighters of them are active on the frontlines alongside the Iraqi Peshmerga forces fighting against Islamic State.

Peshmerga Rojava is preparing to enter the Syrian province of Hasakah in the future, after receiving training from the Iraqi Peshmerga forces in Iraqi Kurdistan. They will be deployed in the Kurdish regions of Syria, which is rejected by the Kurdish Democratic Union Party [PYD] and its armed wing [YPG/J], who share power with the Syrian Government in the region.


Syrian Peshmerga fighters / Facebook

Captain Dlovan Rubari in interview with Al Jazeera has said that the Syrian Peshmerga forces will enter to Syria to help the Syrian Opposition forces in their fight against Syrian Government forces and Islamic State in northern Syria with the support of the International community and it will try not to combat with their political rivals PYD and its military wing [YPG], after the fall of Assad regime they will govern the Kurdish territories in the north of Syria and assure its security.

Since PYD and Syrian government are governing Hasakah province, both were arresting and killing Kurds who were supporting the Syrian revolution and their own parties [mostly pro Barzani] which made many of them flee to Iraqi Kurdistan to live there or to join their political parties.

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