Will the Syrian Opposition launch a new offensive on the Coast?

All Opposition forces agree that launching a new offensive on the Syrian Coast is so vital to end this war, The Syrian Coast [Latakia] is considered to be Assad’s regime stronghold and homeland to the Alawite minorities were most of the Assad’s elite troops belong to.

Syrian government forces and allied Shiite militia has suffered heavy casualties in north-western part of the country by Syrian Opposition forces and Jihadists, which caused the Syrian government to call many Syrian troops from different fronts across the country to reinforce the fronts in Latakia and Ghab Plains.

Many Experts believe that launching the Coastal offensives will prevent the Assad regime’s plan B to partition Syria. Syrian government forces have managed to stall the Opposition’s offensive on the coast in the recent years but now after the fall of Jisr al-Shughur and Ariha, the Opposition will be able now to make a new offensive on the coast.

Since the beginning of the war in Syria there was pressure from regional and international powers to stop the coastal offensive which will give President Assad the chance to partition Syria to create his “Alawite State” in the Syrian Coast as the opposition claim.

The Opposition forces have manged to capture Jabal Turkmen [Mountain of the Turkmen] which is located in Suburbs of Latakia and Jabal al-Akrad [Mountain of the Kurds] which is inhabited mostly by Sunni Arabs. Opposition forces have launched two offensives [2013 and 2014] to capture the Syrian coast but they failed because it’s fortified well and the opposition forces had poor logistical resources and small number of fighters at that time but now they are better organized and well equipped.

Syrian government forces this time is not only backed Iranian IRGC and Hezbollah, but also from Russian naval troops that are arriving recently to reinforce the fronts in Latakia and to combat the Syrian opposition forces. Russia is also supporting the Assad regime with military equipment and training soldiers, with Russian weapons as the Russian President Putin told the state-owned RIA Novosti news agency. Many reports say that Russia did send an anti-aircraft battery [Pantsir-S missile system] to Syria including the preparation of preparing an airfield near the port city of Latakia.

Capturing the coast will not be an easy campaign, the opposition must prepare well logistically and militarily for it to happen. If the coast is captured by the opposition forces other cities that are controlled by Syrian government will fall with little resistance like Damascus, Hama and Homs, and this will surely end the war in Syria.

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