Does the Free Syrian Army no longer exists?

As always the Free Syrian Army [FSA] proves to be an active military force combating against Assad regime forces and its allies throughout Syria, and also actively contributing in liberating territories from Assad regime and from the Iranian and Russian occupation in Syria.

In the recent years there was many campaigns organized by Assad regime and Jihadists linked to al-Qaeda to distort the image of the Free Syrian Army, especially when Nusra Front clashed and eliminated FSA’s affiliates SFR and Hazzm movement in northern Idlib which ended the strong FSA’s presence there and currently it’s under the control of the Jihadists and Islamist opposition groups.

Jihadists accused them for being “western puppets” just because they are backed by West and regional allies, they also being criticized for not being a unified army and organized in command this had made many FSA units and fighters defect and join Islamist Opposition and Jihadist groups. Accusations against the FSA did not stop since its creation back in 2011.

After the creation of Islamist and Jihadist coalition “Army of Conquests”, this new coalition have won many battles against the Syrian regime troops and the biggest achievement was the liberation of Idlib city which made them gain a huge support and popularity from the locals, despite FSA units also had a small participation alongside the Islamist opposition groups during the Idlib and Jisr Shughur campaign.

Western media don’t give the FSA enough coverage despite they are fighting throughout Syria and they are operating on many fronts against Assad regime troops and Islamic State fighters. They don’t get the same amount of coverage as the YPG Kurds and the Jihadists. The Free Syrian Army do have a weak presence in north-western [Idlib] of the country but they have a strong presence in Aleppo, Central and in the South, also they have contributed a lot in liberating territories from the Assad regime forces.


FSA fighter firing TOW missiles at SAA tanks during Hama offensive / Youtube

On 17th September, Russia’s ambassador in Geneva Alexey Borodavkin came during a session of the U.N. Human Rights Council and stated “The Free Syrian Army no longer exists,” he continued. “Armed groups qualified as ‘moderate’ are closely coordinating their activities with terrorist groups.”  Russia says it is striking the Islamic State militant group but most of its targets were against the civilians and Syrian opposition forces.

The response from the FSA was tough on the battlefield. On 7th October, the Assad regime backed Russian military personal and airstrikes launched an offensive on northern suburbs of Hama, in order to re-capture the opposition held territories in northern suburbs of Hama from two sides. Syrian Army [SAA] are willing to capture the Highway [Hama – Talbiseh] and also capturing all opposition territories from Rastan to Talbiseh. The FSA units have managed to stall their offensive and destroyed more than 20 Tanks and armoured vehicles using TOW missiles despite the heavy shelling and airstrikes from the Russian airforce, the FSA have managed to hold their line of defence.


The Military Situation in North of Hama

The Free Syrian Army proved to the world that they do exist and they are fighting for freedom of the Syrians, Syrian people who are sacrificing for the revolution do support the Free Syrian Army because they are fighting clearly for the revolution and to bring an end to the Assad regime. Without forgetting also that they are the first opposition militant group that was created during the Syrian revolution to protect the civilians from oppression from its beginning until now.

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