Syria’s New Army

Syria’s New Army is a Syrian opposition armed group that was created on 8 October 2015, the objective on this armed group is to fight against the Islamic State in the eastern region of Syria. The group is part of Authenticity and Development Front and It also declared its support for the Syrian National Coalition.


Syria’s New Army logo / Twitter

This armed group is led by Khaz’al al-Sar’hal [Abu Aboud], he is from the town of Albu Kamal which is located in the suburbs of Deir Zour. He is the former commander of Liwa Allahu Akbar which was part of FSA’s Ahfad Rasoul Brigade.


Commander Abu Aboud /All4Syria

Syria’s New Army consists of 32 fighters, all of them were trained by CIA operatives in Jordan. The fighters were trained using US weapons and military equipment, most of the fighters are from Deir Zour.  Some experts believe that there is co-ordination between Syria’s New Army and Syrian Democratic Forces which is located in north-eastern of the country.


Members of Syria’s new army training in Jordan / Twitter


Statement announcing the formation of Syria’s new army / Twitter

One thought on “Syria’s New Army

  1. I understand that the US wants to train fighters that will pledge to only fight ISIS (and probably Nusra) but not Assad, and that naturally this means the US gets very few takers from the FSA, whose first purpose is to fight the regime. All clear. What I don’t understand is what the US thinks it can do with a mere 32 troops here, 54 troops there (now reduced to none). It seems hardly serious even for their own purposes. Propaganda in place of a strategy?


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