What if the coup succeeded in Turkey?

On 15 July an unsuccessful coup d’état attempt was staged by a faction of putschists within the Turkish Armed Forces, in an attempt to oust the elected Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and his government. The Turkish President blamed putschists linked to the Gülen Movement, which the government has designated it as a terrorist organisation, the movement’s exiled leader Fethullah Gülen condemned the coup and denied any involvement.

This failed coup resulted in mass arrests with at least 6,000 people being detained including at least 2,839 soldiers and 2,745 judges. Including 290+ killed (47 civilians) and 1,440 wounded overall during at that event.

If the coup attempt succeeded, the coupists would have killed hundreds and arrested thousands of people, and would have banned demonstrations and probably banned Justice and Development Party (AKP) from participating in the Turkish political environment. If the military coupists secured their power in Turkey, it would be a huge blow to the current Democracy in Turkey and the region.  

The Syrian opposition which is based in Turkey would have been suppressed, The coupists would have most likely expelled the Syrian political and military opposition from the Turkish soil or they would have handed them to back the Assad regime in Damascus, The Syrian refugees would have faced discrimination like their fellow citizens in Lebanon. Media outlets would have launched hate propaganda against them accusing them of being a burden on Turkey’s economy and supporting terrorism.

Turkish cities that have large support for the AKP and other Turks that will continue to protest against the coup will be facing a harsh oppression the military coupists, many also suggest that minorities will also face oppression from them and conflict in the Kurdish areas in Turkey will intensify.

Many anti-AKP regimes and alliances were watching and celebrating the attempted coup in Turkey but their celebration did not last long. Sisi regime [in Egypt], Assad regime [in Syria], Putin regime [in Russia], Shiite militant organizations, and Leftist and right wing parties across the globe, all of them would be satisfied with military coupists  taking over and ousting the elected president of Turkey. They all would have produced statements congratulating the coupists from taking power by force and ousting the Islamists from power, also they go further and establish close relations with them.

The Turkish people still remembers the consequences the coup in the past. It wasn’t Recep Tayyip Erdoğan that defeated this coup attempt but it was the Turkish people mainly with the Security forces, also all political parties had put their differences aside and rejected the attempted coup.

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